Telecom Services

Blueline Solution offer a one stop solution for all Telecom – Services, Supplies, Operation and Maintenance requirements

Blue line Solution Offers the below service covering the entire domain.

In building solution

It has a remarkable track record in providing In-building solutions in RF planning, design, installation and commissioning. Our project managers oversee every aspect of system design, installation and testing for the acceptance of the customer.

We are capable of providing the following In-building solutions:

  • RF planning and design
  • Installation of RF cables and distributed antennas
  • Coverage test
  • Installation of Repeaters
  • Installation of BTS & MW
Reverse Engineering Service
MW Installation And Commissioning
Installation & Commissioning Of BTS Equipment
RF Optimization & KPI Analysis
Drive Test And Network Optimization
RF Planning
EMF Survey
Network Audit

Networks require consistent maintenance and vigilance to ensure reliable service delivery and adherence to end user Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Line Of Site (LOS) Survey

Line Of Site (LOS) Survey The ultimate goal of LOS survey is to have MW connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Site clearance. The LOS survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition. profile.

RF Survey Service

RF Survey The ultimate goal of a RF site survey by Aster is to acquire ample information to determine the number and placement of access points that allows optimal coverage throughout the facility.

RF Engineering Services

We are providing R.F. Engineering Services to our clients. With massive enhancement & growth in all the fields as well as in technologies- Radio Frequency based electronics devices has gain imminence popularity by its features and demand in all most all industries these days.
Wireless, RFID, Microwaves solutions are now much required by almost every industries- RF devices are being used in various critical applications & supporting multifarious environments, the success of all these critical application lies on the best RF Engineering.
When we say RF Engineering, we not only mean selecting right set of RF products but analyzing the requirement, physical survey of locations and doing RF site survey with our RF Engineers and tools to analyze the signal strength at all required locations.

  • Identify number of RF devices & accessories requires
  • Signal all the desired & required locations
  • Less possibility of data loss
  • Proper polarization of antennas
  • Better use of over all RF system
  • Highly secure & maintenance free

Operation And Maintenance

Managed Network Services
Professional Services

Professional Services include deployment of Resources to maintain following Active elements:

    • BTS
    • BSC
    • NOC / OMCR
    • SWITCH
    • NSS
    • OS
    • MICROWAVE Engineering
OFC Network Maintenance
Passive Maintenance Services For The Telecom Cell Site
Corporate Training
Maintenance Post Commissioning

RF Project

    • RF survey
    • RF Drive Test
    • Single cell functionality Test (SCFT)
    • Optimization
    • Cluster Optimization
    • Benchmark Drive Test

EMF Project

    • EMF Survey
    • Broadband Measurement
    • Narrowband Measurement
    • TERM cell Test
    • Measurement of RF Radiation
Installation & Commissioning
  • WTIL has well trained and experienced expertise in BTS Installation commissioning
Logistic Support
Site Acquisition

Our site acquisition services include site selection, site searching, site negotiation, site contract preparation and singing. These are initial requirements for the establishment of any Telecom Infrastructure. Our site acquisition service team will take care of all unnecessary hassles of dealing with building land owner leaving our valued customers and their valuable human resources concentrating on the key.

Site Survey Services

We undertake site survey, site engineering, preparation of site-specific drawings, site specific BOQ & construction details keeping the following parameters.

Network Operation & Maintenance
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Telecom Implementation Project
  • Network Planning & Optimization
Network Roll Out