Engineering Services

Engineering Services – Shipping, Marine and Oil field Services

Blueline Solution offers the below services at Major ports all across India and Overseas for Shipping/Marine and Oilfield related needs.

  1. Fabrication Support
  2. Accommodation Upgrade and repair
  3. Blasting and Painting
  4. RHVAC: Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  5. Crewing and Manpower Supply
  6. Dry Docking Services
  7. Offshore/Shipping Accommodation upgrade and repair work
  8. Service of oil field equipment’s – Subsea, Mechanical, Electrical and Drilling.
  9. Service of Deck, Engine, Anchor Systems.
  10. Rental Services – Generators/Engines/BOP Stack/Anchor Buoy and all other Shipping and Oilfield Related Products.
  11. Consulting
  12. Survey – Rigs/Vessels.
  13. Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  14. Vessel Layup Management.



Bluelinespecializes in the field onshore drilling with the below highlighted Scopes

  • Camp site management
  • Oilfield engineering services- same scope as in the offshore domain including Fabrication, HVAC, Fire and Gas Engineering, Repair and upgrade work.
  • H2S management.
  • Mud system management and supply of mud plants and systems.
  • Catering and Housekeeping services – with best in standard camp management.
  • Manpower Support.
  • Logistics and Supply chain needs
  • One Stop solution to all Procurement needs.

Ship Repair